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NSF Media Training Workshop

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Science: Becoming the Messenger
March 5, 2013
(plus March 6, 2013 for 15 selected participants)
University of Louisville’s Shelby Campus
                                         Louisville, KY

To improve science literacy across the US, the National Science Foundation is sending an experienced media team to each of the EPSCoR states to conduct this workshop.

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Why Attend:  To learn effective means of communicating SCIENCE to a broad audience. Your next funding source may likely hinge on how well busy decision makers understand what you are studying and why it is important. Educating the general public in a ‘sound bite’ world requires new ways of telling the story of science. Attend to become a more effective messenger of your research.

Who’s Invited: principal investigators (PI), early career researchers and engineers, students and postdocs, deans, research deans, and public information officers (PIO) from institutions and universities in Kentucky. 

What You’ll Be Doing:

  • craft a message and deliver it to a variety of audiences
  • practice live interviewing
  • develop writing and new media skills- why Twitter?
  • hone your public presentations produce video

The Speakers:     (Click here for NSF Media Trainer Bios)

Joe Schreiber TrimmedDan Agan TrimmedChris Mooneyscience-messengers-logo

       Joe Schreiber
        Emmy award
      winning television




        Dan Agan
former PBS executive       


     Chris Mooney
best-selling science author




Workshop Details


University of Louisville
Shelby Campus

Founders Union Building
312 N. Whittington Parkway
Louisville, KY 40222
Phone: 502-852-0360
Overnight Accommodations


Day 1 Agenda  March 5

Day 2 Agenda  March 6 (by selection) 
Day 2 is designed for a smaller group of RESEARCHERS, selected from Day 1 participants, to refine their message and train to talk to colleagues, public audiences and the media. To be considered for participation in Day 2, complete the questions on the registration form.

Speaker Bios

What You'll Need:
(powerstrip will be provided)

Registration Notes:

  • Response Questions
    • Required for consideration for Day2 only.
    • Enter N/A if not interested or a Public Information Officer (PIO)

  • Comments Field (last box on the registration form)
    • Enter your twitter username in the comments box
    • Enter any dietary restricitons
    • Any additional comments

  • Breakfast & Lunch will be served

  • There is no cost to attend.

  • Researchers with active EPSCoR funding are expected to attend Day 1
    of this event.


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