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 blue digit    17th Annual KY EPSCoR Conference

Aiming Science for Impact
Thursday, May 17, 2012
Lexington Convention Center, Lexington, KY

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Posters, Exhibits and 5 Highlighted Research Projects

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Funded by KY EPSCoR and others


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Five Research Presentation Highlights

The following five researchers were selected from those submitting abstracts to give a five minute presentations of their work.  (Go to Videos for the full presentations)

  1. Agriculture & Bioscience
    What can we learn from the Carnivorous New World Pitcher Plant ?
    Pat Callie, EKU, tracks the genetic history of this economically important plant group and explains why we have a critical need for more people skilled in Bioinformatics. 

  2. Energy & Environmental Technologies
    Having an X-ray taken might make you think twice about the next glass of water you drink.
    Sabina Salkic, WKU, explains a new approach to breaking down the x-ray contrast media in our water supply.

  3. Human Health & Personalized Medicine
    Brain-Machine Interfaces - Can our thoughts do more than move us .. can they also cause us to heal? 
    Elizabeth Salmon, UK, monitors brain signals to trigger electrical stimulation of muscles that may lead to recovery from spinal cord injury.

  4. Information Technology & New Media
    If you had 12 months and a small box made of circuit boards - how would you use it to reveal the secrets of the Universe?
    Kevin Brown, Morehead, builds cube satellites that are launched into space to measure cosmic radiation and detect energetic objects in the far-away universe.

  5. Material Science & Advanced Manufacturing
    Graphene is a carbon material that is highly sensitive at detecting chemical gases.,,but the secret is in how you grow it.  Silpa Kona, UofL, explains why their manufacturing process creates small, cost effective, reliable sensors when previous attempts have failed.


Program & Abstracts